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Welcome to the Rose of Sharon Rugs Amazon Affiliate Page


Here you will find some of my favorite items that you can purchase using my Amazon Affiliate links.  Click the link in the title for the item you are interested in and you will be redirected to the Amazon page for that item.  Using my affiliate link will help me to provide you with more amazing art!

Thank you so much!  I appreciate your patronage.

Screenshot 2023-03-30 190732.png

Some of My Favorite Things

Ott Lite.JPG


This OttLite is a small but powerful LED light that will easily clip onto your frame or table providing you with precision light for hooking.

8 Pack Pink Fine Sharpies

Pink sharpies are what I use for adding detail to my patterns and to draw notes and hooking lines on my backing.

Pink Sharpies.JPG
Gorilla Magetic Hangers.jpg

Gorilla Grip Magnetic Rug Hangers

Use this powerful magnetic strip to hang your rugs utilizing a sleeve on the back and a metal strip (included) screwed to your wall.  Available in 5 sizes ranging from 10" to 24" in length.  

6 OZ Moth Bar Hanger

These lavendar scented moth repellant hangers do the trick of traditional moth balls without the horrible smell.  This is what I use to safeguard my large inventory of wool.

Lavendar Moth Ball Hangers.jpg

Rug Finishing

Chibi Jumbo Darning Needles

Make your whipping a breeze with Chibi jumbo darning needles.  Once you try the Chibi needle, you'll never settle for anything else

Chibi Needles.JPG
Quilt Clips.JPG

200 Small Quilt Clips

Using these quilt clips for securing your backing while whipping is not only more efficient, but eassier to use too!

4 Pack of Boye Blocking Boards

4 interlocking blocking boards make it easy to block your pieces for steaming.  The grid lines provide guides for obtaining a straight edge to your finished piece.

Blocking Boards.JPG
Blocking Pins.JPG

Blocking Pins

Use these blocking pins with the blocking boards to secure your piece for steaming to obtain a straight and flat finished edge to your rug.



Essential Color Wheel Companion

The design of this color wheel makes it easy to compare your wool to get a more accurate determination as to where it falls on the color wheel.

Large Color Wheel.jpg
Color Wheel Pin.jpg

Enamel Color Wheel Pin or Keychain

Always have a color wheel on hand with these fabulous enameled color wheel pins or key chains.  The moving inner circle will all you to easily find color combinations to please the eye!

Dritz Color Wheel Selector

This small color wheel is an all around great tool to have on hand.  The cut outs allow you to place the color wheel on your wool to make a more accurate determination of what color family the piece belongs to.  It also includes a moving inner circle to aide you in finding pleasing color cominations for your project.

Dritz Color Wheel.jpg

The Color Star

Johannes Itten

Make color planning a breeze by using The Color Star color wheel!  This unique color wheel uses rotating masks to allow you to see a variety of color schemes for your next rug!

Color Star.JPG

Rug Pattern Supplies

Ticonderoga Pencils.JPG

Ticonderoga Pencils

Make drawing lines on your backings easier by using these super fat pencils.  Keeping the pencil in the ditch to draw a straight line is a snap with these oversized pencils.

LitEnergy Light Table

Transfer patterns easily by using this compact ultra thin LED light pad.  Available in 4 different sizes to suit your needs.

LitEnergy Light Table.JPG
Black Sharpies.JPG

12 Pack Black Fine Sharpies

The perfect pen to draw patterns onto backing leaving a clean dark line while providing a precise point for drawing accurate details.

Pattern Weights.JPG

Pattern Weights

These elegant and useful paperweights are perfect for holding your pattern in place while tracing it onto backing using your light table or other pattern transfer method.

Survivor Ribbon_edited_edited.JPG
Screenshot 2023-08-22 194212.png


Curves in Motion 

Judy Dales

This is one of my favorite books for inspiration and instruction for creating tessellated designs.

Curves in Motion Book.JPG
Designing Tessellations Book.JPG

Designing Tessellations

Jinny Beyer

This comprehensive book will provide you with detailed instructions on how to create tessellations just like MC Escher himself!


Pam Stephens & Jim McNeil

Follow the step-by-step instructions in the easy to read and wonderfully illustrated book to create some magical tessellations.

Tessellations Book.JPG
Tessellation Templates.JPG

Roylco Animal Tessellation Templates

These fun loving templates allow you to create your own animal tessellations by simply tracing around the plastic template and repeating.

MC Escher Coloring Book


A great inexpensive book filled with many of MC Escher's amazing tessellations.

MC Escher Coloring Book.JPG
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